Do You Suffer with Hair Loss with Endo?

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For many years now I have combated hair loss due to my illness, and I have heard from many other women lately who are dealing with the same, distressing, situation.

My hair has gotten so bad in recent years that I have, on occasion, even turned to wearing a wig in order to feel more confident in the way I look. 

I may have found an awesome tool to help us with this, however, and I am so very excited to share it with you!

The Boar Bristle Brush

The boar bristle brush is not a new invention, in fact it has been around for hundreds of years and was especially popular in the 1800's for daily hair care. 

Be sure to check out this article, from the Moroccan Method Int'l, on how to get the most benefits from your boar bristle brush as well.

I have been using this boar bristle brush for awhile now and I love how it makes my hair feel softer, look more voluminous, and feel thicker. I have even seen lots of little baby hair where I part my hair, so, fingers crossed, it is helping my hair grow as well. 

There are many benefits of using a Boar Bristle Brush:

1. Grows your hair faster and prevents hair loss

The boar bristle brush gently massages your scalp, increasing blood flow and unclogging hair follicles.  One of the factors in hair growth is blood flow to the hair follicles.  Without blood flow, your hair cannot grow.  This can often be a cause of hair loss as well as slow growing hair.

2. Conditions hair

A lovely boar bristle brush benefit is the fact that it naturally conditions your hair.  It will distribute your scalp’s sebaceous oils throughout the rest of your hair.  This allows the oil to coat your whole strand of hair, rather than just having it sit on your scalp. It’s nature’s best conditioner!

3. Adds shine

Since the boar bristle brush evenly distributes your scalps oils throughout the rest of your hair, it creates a natural shine to your hair.  

4. Cleans hair

Brushing with a boar bristle brush will take the oil that is otherwise weighing down your roots and making them look greasy, and distribute them throughout your hair.  This will take away the oiliness at the roots.  It will also remove excess oils on the hair by trapping them in the brush.  The brush also helps to catch fuzz, dirt, and waste material build-up on the hair and scalp like a magnet.

5. Prevents hair breakage and frizz

Your scalps sebaceous oil acts as a natural protectant for your hair.  It will help to seal in split ends, prevent hair breakage, and reduce frizz.  It is better than any anti-frizz serum that you can find on the market today.  It will also allow your hair to have more elasticity which will reduce breakage.

6. It’s a great styling tool

One of the best boar bristle brush benefits is that it works as a great styling tool for a couple of reasons.  If you stand straight and flip your hair over, brush from the nape of your neck forward, it will leave your hair with amazing volume!  On the flip side, if you brush your hair regularly your scalps oils coating your hair will help to naturally straighten your hair, no heat required!

7. Balances your scalps oil production

One of the little known boar bristle brush benefits is that it will help to balance out your scalps oil production.  If your scalp is under-producing oils, it will help to stimulate the oil glands to start producing more oil.  It will also allow your oil glands to breathe.

8. Softer hair

Since your hair strands are being coated in your scalp’s own sebaceous oils, your hair will become softer!  This is one of my favorite boar bristle brush benefits.  The oils naturally condition your hair, leaving your hair shiny and super soft!

Check out my new selection of Boar Bristle Brushes in the Accessories Section of The Endo Shop and I am sure you will soon love it as much as I do!


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