Does it really work!? - Magnetic Therapy Stone Knee Brace for Sciatic and Back Pain

Posted by Kristina Brooks on

Last Saturday I woke up with severe sciatic pain. It had been months since I last had to deal with this terrible pain radiating down my leg from my lower back and although it was a little annoying to be bothered with the recurrence of this pain it did give me the perfect opportunity to try out one of our newest products at The Endo Shop - The Magnetic Therapy Stone Knee Brace for Sciatic and Back Pain.

Now, there are mixed reviews on these items on the internet from people raving about how awesome they are all the way to the other end of the spectrum where people say there is absolutely no way these braces would do what they claim to do. 

I am a pretty open-minded person and I will try almost anything to deal with my own pain so I figured why not give it a try? 

The idea behind the brace is that there is a magnetic stone sewn into it and when it is placed correctly on your leg it puts pressure on a pressure point just under and behind your knee which relieves the tension in the nerve that causes sciatic pain. 

So, did it work? I am surprised to say that, for myself, it absolutely seemed to work. I followed the directions about putting the brace on the leg where the pain is tightened it up and walked around for a little while. Within half an hour the pain had lessened and by an hour of wearing the brace, it was almost completely gone!

Once I removed the brace, however, the pain did return and it took about three uses of the brace, each time wearing it for two hours at a time before the pain went away completely for this flare up. 

If you suffer from sciatic pain I would certainly recommend giving this brace a try although I can't say how well it would work for other types of back pain. 


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