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Posted by Kristina Brooks on

Hello there!

There have been a lot of changes here at The Endo Shop recently and I am so excited to share the news with you. 

First, (and what I think is most exciting) is that you will no longer have to try and convert the size of our clothes or try to figure out what size you will need.

All of the clothing on our site is now sized to the North American Standard so you can simply order the size you normally would purchase! -- Keep in mind, however, that since a selection of our items still do come from international vendors the tag size may be slightly different but you can be sure that the size you order should fit you correctly. 

Hey, what happened to Free Shipping on All Orders!?

As much as I wanted to continue to offer Free Worldwide Shipping on all orders it has become clear that this does not work for us financially at this time. Instead, we now offer Free Worldwide Shipping on any order over $30 as well as a Worldwide Flat Shipping Rate of $9.95 on all orders under $30 which I hope that you will all still find reasonable. One day, hopefully, we will revisit this for you all. 

New Lower Prices!! Another exciting change is that we have had a big meeting with our vendors where we went through all of our products and we are able to lower the prices on a large number of our products, yay! This is great news for all of you who were concerned that the prices were just a little too expensive. I listened to you and did what I could - I want to do the best for all of my customers because I value you so much.

Then, for all of you parents of younger children out there (or aunts, uncles, and family friends) I am happy to announce that we have added a sister site to our business: Dezzy's Threads and Things - an e-commerce store filled with affordable apparel, accessories, and entertainment products for children over the age of one. I hope that you will love it as much as I do and share it with your family and friends who have special little ones in their lives. 



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