Plant Medicine for Holistic Nourishment - Excited to Learn Tonight!

Posted by Kristina Brooks on

I am excited to start a new course tonight, presented by the Shift Network, Plant Medicine for Holistic Nourishment with Sara Crow. 

Sara Crow, LAc, herbalist, energy healer and co-founder of Floracopeia, is deeply passionate about medicinal plants and holistic nutrition... and will be your expert guide as you learn to heal and nourish your body, mind, emotions and spirit.

For the past 20 years, she’s been sharing her deep knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, subtle energy healing, ethnobotany, herbology and nutrition, helping thousands of people.

I am really looking forward to learning more about holistic nutrition — "integrating botanicals, herbs, oils and flowers into my daily routines, recipes and rituals."

I will be keeping you all posted on the things that I learn in the course that help me and, hopefully, will help other women like myself that are suffering with Endo or other menstrual ailments. Stay tuned and check out the course here if you are interested in it as well. It sounds awesome!



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