Buy 2 Receive 3! Tourmaline Self-Heating Panties

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Buy 2 Receive 3! Tourmaline Self-Heating Panties

In 1880, the Currie family unlocked the secret of this powerful gem. Tourmaline crystal has a +,- charge at both ends, the surface of the current flow of 0.06mA micro-current. Tourmaline is a silicate mineral, the main ingredients are germanium, magnesium, aluminum, iron, boron, and more than 10 kinds of trace elements that are needed by the human body, germanium is particularly important for blood circulation.

In 1986, Japanese researchers found that the more tourmaline was crushed, the greater the release of energy. They will smash the tourmaline crystal and chemical fibre together to create a new composite fibre. It has been known as the “dream” of the fibre.

Tourmaline promotes blood circulation, accelerates metabolism, and improves immunity. It has an automatic, long-lasting release of negative ions that activates the cells of the body, purifies the blood, regulates the body’s pH, stabilizes nerves, is an analgesic, relives fatigue, enhances the body’s resistance to disease, improves allergies, and is antibacterial.

The self- heating action of these panties is particularly useful for menstrual pains, like those we suffer with during an Endometriosis flare up. 

Material: Spandex,Modal,Cotton
Model Number: routine
Brand Name: siriusha
classification of fabric: Modal material
waist type: mid waist
Pants long: briefs
Material: cotton 95% + tourmaline far-infrared fiber 5%
season: four seasons