5 PCS Reusable Panty Liner Set with 1 Wet Bag

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Set of 5 washable cloth panty liner's with bamboo fiber and one wet bag. Completely reusable and environmentally friendly, perfect for lighter days or as extra protection with your menstrual cup. 

Made of high quality soft and absorbent micro-fiber for a stay dry feel. Soft fabric outer layer is more comfortable to your skin than the disposable pads.

The inner layer that against your skin is a bamboo fiber, it can soak up the liquid and neutralize the smells. Middle layer is a microfiber to make this reusable sanitary pad super absorbent and leak-free. Comes with wings with a snap design for better fastening around your underwear and to make it more secure, you will never feel embarrassed by a twisted pad.

This sanitary pad can reduce the number of women's gynecological diseases and let you have a more comfortable physiological experience. Washable and reusable, which is cost-effective and practical.

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