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Frosty Pink Chilly Towel Duo Pack


Keep yourself cool with the Frosty Pink Chilly Towel Duo Pack.

Perfect for hot flushes, overheating,bad circulation, sport & heat stress. 

  • Unique hyper-evaporative fibre cools to 30° below average body temperature.
  • Perfect for overheating, sports, outdoors, travel and hot weather.
  • Stays Chilled For Hours
  • Easy Activation
  • Stays Fresh When Moist in Container
  • Dry to Touch
  • Doesnt Saturate clothing or bed sheets
  • Re-usable & machine washable
  • Towel Size: 65cm x 43cm

Chilly Towel proudly supports the National Breast Cancer Foundation. We donate $2.00 from every purchase of the pink towel.