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by Kosi
Type: Heat Packs

KOSI Snuggle is a hands-free heat pack that wraps around your neck, shoulders and upper back for complete heating and relief. If you get period cramps that extend into your back, the Snuggle will be a great addition to your OG Kosi or Kosi Ziggle. This heat pack is also a fantastic item to include in your laparoscopy hospital bag, to provide warming relief for gas trapped in your shoulders after surgery.

Snuggle is filled Flaxseeds, which are reported to have pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties to provide you with an extra soothing affect. The filling has a really slight, pleasant earthy smell that you will barely notice. No wonder Snuggle is your shoulder’s bestie!

Snuggle can be worn while relaxing at home, sitting at your desk at work, or even as you walk around. It is so comfortable and lightweight, but provides heat to so much of your upper body! It is the perfect addition to your Kosi collection -simply pair with the OG Kosi or Kosi Ziggle for the ultimate in heat coverage and relief!

Microwave Use Only: Follow Heating Instructions Carefully, Avoid Overheating.

Size Guide: One size suits all

Materials: Snuggle is made of soft plush polyester fabric to ensure it is gentle on your skin, and is filled with flaxseeds. Upon heating the flaxseeds will release a small amount of flax seed oil which will assist with extra relief.

Heating Instruction

1. Please cover the wrap in a wet towel before heating. Place room temperature wrap evenly spread in the centre of a clean microwave turntable, not touching the sides of the oven. Ensure that any additional microwave features are turned off, such as "browning".

2. Heat in the microwave for 60 seconds (800W) or 40 seconds (1000W). If reheating, heat for an additional 15 seconds (800W) or 10 seconds (1000W). Please do not exceed 100 seconds total heating time.

3. Check to ensure temperature is suitable before application. Before reheating, check if the temperature of any part of the pack is too hot. Knead and rotate the pack to disperse heat evenly.

Please note. 

Pink Kosi mailer box is not included. Your KOSI Ziggle will be delivered in The Endo Shop packaging with all the instructions.