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Secret Women's Business Period Support Tea

Type: Tea

Period Support Tea (60g)

Stop PMS, Period Pain & irritability in their tracks, with Secret Women's Business.

This blend is an absolute powerhouse, balancing your hormones so you once again feel in control.

A woman's best friend in a warm, comforting cup.

Pure, potent, and 100% delicious.

  • 100% organic
  • Handcrafted in Australia
  • Cruelty-free
  • No added colours, flavours or preservatives or sweeteners
  • No Gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, nuts

Benefits of Period Support Tea:

Lady’s Mantle Leaf: Used traditionally for women's hormonal balance. Highly recommended for amenorrhoea (no menstruation), dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation) & menopause

Rosehip granules: Rich in iron, rosehip may help restore iron stores & reduce post cycle headaches / migraines. 

Red Raspberry Leaf: Reduces PMS and pain from cramping. Shown to tone the pelvic and uterine muscles, decreasing menstrual bloating

Lemongrass: Used traditionally to reduce PMS symptoms, and provide relief from cramping & bloating. 

Dragon Fruit: Rich in antioxidants and also potassium, which may help relieve muscle cramping & pain. 

Stinging Nettle Leaf: Anti-inflammatory & analgesic, recommended for easing menstrual pains

Ginger Root: Reduces menstrual pain & discomfort, stabilizes blood sugar levels, improves mood & has been used traditionally to balance women's hormones

*Do not use in pregnancy

 INGREDIENTS: Lady’s mantle leaf*, rosehip granules*, raspberry leaf,* lemongrass*, dragon fruit*, nettle*, ginger root*. 

* Organic