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The Happy Uterus Wheat pack & Eye pillow Bundle

Type: Heat Packs

Designed to wrap around your body, I am like a warm cuddle for when you have pelvic or lower back pain. I have an adjustable strap, so you can position me wherever feels most comfortable. The wheat bag fits perfectly in the pouch. It is slim, and can be worn on top or underneath clothing.

Note: this product is two pieces (wheat bag and wearable pouch), sold together.  

We designed the wheat bag and wearable pouch separately because:

  • When the wheat reaches its end of life, you don't have to throw the whole thing out. Only the wheat bag will need to be replaced.
  • The pouch can be washable.
  • The pouch can double as a wheat bag pouch AND a cute bum bag!
  • When the wheat bag cools down, you can grab a spare one, heat it up and keep the heat going on your body! 

Materials: The pouch is made from 100% cotton. The wheat bag is filled with locally sourced biodynamic wheat kernels, cased in 100% cotton.


I come with a care card. Please read it thoroughly before using me for the first time. 

If you lose your care card, we can send you an electronic copy. 

To use hot:
Important: The pouch cannot go in the microwave. You must take the wheat bag out of the pouch when heating it.

Only heat wheat bags in a microwave oven. Remember that all microwave ovens are different - the times provided are simply a guide.

Take the wheat bag out of the pouch. Place the wheat bag in the microwave and heat for 1 minute, then in 30 second intervals to reach your desired temperature (to a maximum of 2.5 minutes).

Do not reheat the wheat bag until it is completely cool. Only ever heat from room temperature.

To use cold:
Place the wheat bag in the freezer in a bag for at least 1 hour.

The pouch can be hand washed. The wheat bag should only be spot cleaned, do not wash. 


Pouch size: 38cm x 14cm

Weight: 600g


Below is a sizing guide to help you choose the right size. We have provided a recommended dress size, but its always better to measure where you plan to use the wheat bag and choose based on the adjustable range.

The sizes have an overlap in its range to assist you with choosing a size for you that you can adjust to suit different areas of your body.

 Size Adjustable range Approx. size (AUS)
S/M 80-110cm 6-14
M/L 96-142cm 14-22

The approximate sizing is based on the measurement between your hips and your waist.

We don't want size to be a limiting factor to getting the right product for your body. If the S/M and M/L are not suitable for you, please get in touch and we can organise a custom size. 


Due to customs and importing restrictions, if you live outside Australia, this will be filled with lupin beans, not wheat. It is your responsibility to always check your local restrictions before ordering.