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Woman Blend Essential Oil


Hormone Balance Blend

The essential oil blend that takes you from 'Talk to me at your own peril!" to 'Of course I want to hear more about your day, honey!'.

Soft, gentle & inherently feminine, this blend not only delivers on it's promises, it smells absolutely divine!

Top notes of bergamot & geranium over a grounding base of frankincense & sandalwood.

Support hormonal balance and reduce menstrual pain & PMS, naturally:

  • 100% organic oils
  • Handcrafted in Australia
  • Cruelty-free
  • No added preservatives
  • No Gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, nuts

For best results, use Woman essential oil blend as a perfume replacement and pair with our Secret Women's Business tea. 


Benefits of Woman Hormone Support Essential Oil Blend:

Patchouli oil - a relaxing oil that supports the nervous system.

Bergamot oil - an uplifting & energizing oil, bergamot helps relieve tension.

Sandalwood oil - A calming sedative & nerve tonic. Traditionally used to support healthy menstruation & hormonal balance.

Geranium oil - calming & soothing, used traditionally to ease heavy menstrual flow

Ylang Ylang oil - this oil brings about emotional balance, providing healing for the wild feminine

Copaiba oil – has analgesic (pain-relief) properties, and may act as an aphrodisiac

Vitex oil – for pain & to calm the muscles of the uterus & digestive system.This versatile oil may also help regulate periods by increasing progesterone levels (when used consistently for 3-6 months.)

Clary Sage oil - an antispasmodic & nerve tonic, clary sage oil has long been used to reduce menstrual cramps & associated pain, improve PMS symptoms and can be supportive for perimenopausal women

Vetiver oil- Calming, relaxing, & used traditionally as a sedative

Vanilla Oleoresin- Calming, enhances mood, great for easing stress

Rose flower oil - used in aromatherapy to reduce stress, fight stress, and relax the body & mind. It may also help reduce hot flashes in perimenopause. 


*NOT FOR USE IN PREGNANCY**For external use only*
*This essential oil blend contains Orange & Bergamot oils which may cause photosensitivity, avoid direct sunlight*



Fractionated coconut oil*, patchouli oil*, bergamot oil*, sandalwood oil*, geranium oil*, ylang ylang oil*, copaiba oil*, vitex oil, clary sage oil*, jojoba oil, vetiver oil*, vanilla oleoresin, rose flower oil. 

* Organic.